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Religious Education and Collective Worship

Religious Education at PMLS


The aim of religious education is to learn about and from spiritual insights, beliefs and religious practices and to explore fundamental questions of human life.

At PMLS we deliver the above aims through the Brent Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. We believe that this syllabus will enable our pupils to find religious education an enjoyable subject whilst appreciating and engaging with the rich heritage of ideas, traditions and wisdoms that religions and ethical belief systems have to offer.

School Curriculum

The Agreed Syllabus is organised into guidance for the Foundation Stage (age 3-5) and programmes of study for each of the subsequent key stages ( Key Stage 1: age 5-7, Key Stage 2: age 7-11).The programmes of study have been designed to follow the framework of National Curriculum subjects. They clarify the types of knowledge,understanding, skills, attitudes and processes which inform religious education in Brent. They describe continuity and progression through the key stages.

The religious and ethical traditions to be studied at each key stage are specified in the breadth of study. Two prescribed units must be taught at the Foundation Stage and five at Key Stage 1. There are four core units which must be taught at Key Stages 2 and additional units which can be chosen from a range of options.

Teachers must address the programme of study for the appropriate key stage and the key questions for each unit taught. Learning objectives, suggested teaching material and examples of learning activities have been included to guide teachers in their planning and teaching. It is recognised that, in order to give adequate time to address the requirements of the programme of study, there will be differences in the amount of material studied within a unit by different students and by different classes within a key stage due to differences in age and abillities.

Please see our policies section for further details on collective worship at Preston Manor Lower School.